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LABATCH.2 is a collection of programs for statistically analyzing sample path data on a strictly stationary stochastic process. For each sample path in its input, it computes a sample mean and an asymptotically valid confidence interval for the population mean. It also displays a sequence of estimates of the asymptotic variance of the sample mean that allows an assessment of the quality of the final estimate of this quantity and, consequently, an assessment of the validity of the confidence interval.

  • LABATCH.2.c   contains the C prog ram for LABATCH.2.
  •  mm1_la2.c  is a sample implementation for the m/m/1 queue.  It uses  c.11 as input.
  • LABATCH.2.for contains the FORTRAN program for LABATCH.2.
  • mm1_la2.for  is a sample implementation for the m/m/1 queue.  It uses  fort.11 as input.
  • LABATCH.2.sim contains the SIMSCRIPT II.5 program for LABATCH.2.
  • mm1_la2.sim is a sample implementation for the m/m/1 queue.   It uses  SIMU11 as input.
  • TR9704 is a postscript file of Technical Report 97/04 that describes and illustrates many of the features of LABATCH.2.

To retrieve a file, simply click on the filename. If the file appears as text on your browser, select “save as…” from the “file” menu.
The m/m/1 examples  are one of many ways of implementing LABATCH.2.